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Small beach weddings - all you need to know

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

A couple looking at each other at the pierce during their small beach wedding abroad

Small beach weddings are becoming ever more popular and it’s easy to see why. Just the

thought of saying your wedding vows against the gentle sound of waves lapping against the

shore, with the sand between your toes, overlooking a beautiful and photogenic sunset, is so


Planning your small beach wedding looks like a breeze and compared to planning a large

wedding it is. But there are still a few practicalities you need to think about to ensure your

small beach wedding is absolutely perfect. To be helpful we have outlined them below:

Small beach weddings – think about your timings

A couple dancing at the beach after they hold their small intimate beach wedding

Having a wedding that is at one with nature is wonderful, but you have to tie in your plans to fit with nature. Learn when the tide is in and when it is out as you may not want to trudge you

and your guests half a mile out to get that shoreside spot.

Or have to make a quick retreat as the tide catches up with you. The sun will be too bright at midday and you’ll be squinting and making it harder for your photographer to get perfect images. Too early in the day and you may be too cold. When you say ’I do’ you don’t want to be feel swelteringly hot or freezing cold!

A groom kissing his bride at the Danish beach after they got married in Denmark in Maribo.

However, keep in mind that beach weddings can also be held in winter!

Just make sure you wear the right clothes – and your winter beach wedding will be unforgattable.

American couple getting married on the beach and hold their winter wedding abroad.

Look at the couple above. Tricia & Jim hold their adventure winter wedding in Denmark.

Small beach weddings – think about your guests

You want your guests to be well prepared and comfortable at your beach wedding. Not standing there feeling dehydrated and wishing they’d worn different shoes. Or wondering if they’ll get sunburn or catch a cold. So make sure you give them lots of useful information in advance, like the exact location of the wedding, how much walking will be involved (remember beaches are not the most disabled friendly of places so if you have guests with poor mobility you will need to give them extra consideration).

Think about what the temperatures are likely to be so your guests can plan their outfits accordingly. And give your guests a timeline of the day so they know precise where they need to be and when and they know what time they will be eating.

A group of wedding guests posing at the beach in Denmark

A fun way to ensure your guests are comfortable at your wedding is by theming your wedding favours to useful items. A little pack containing a pretty hand fan, some useful flip flops, some suncream and a bottle of water is sweet and thoughtful.

If you have a sunset ceremony perhaps put a blanket on the back of everybody’s seat and place candles around for a little extra warmth. This also creates a gorgeous cozy feel for perfect ’hygge’.

Guests participating in small beach wedding.

Small beach weddings – think about your back up plan

If you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding location it stands to reason that you should have a plan for whatever the weather throws at you. Consider the fact that it might rain on your wedding day.

Think ahead by supplying umbrellas to your guests (transparent ones are perfect for wedding photography).

Two transparent umbrellas on the tree stairs.

You can also erect some sort of marquee or tent at your wedding location in case you are surprized with inclement weather. Or have a place very nearby that has cover and can be used as a plan B location for your wedding ceremony. Nobody wants to think about rain spoiling their wedding day but if you put a backup plan in place you will have peace of mind and you can then get on with planning your small beach wedding knowing that the weather won’t be able to spoil it.

Small beach weddings – choosing Denmark

Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, we specialize in small beach weddings in Denmark. There’s nothing more romantic than eloping abroad to a Nordic beach and getting married one of the Danish Islands.

There’s the picturesque island of Lolland-Falster with its green plains and hills intertwined with the water’s surface. Inland it has distinct cities and pretty towns all offering a gorgeous cozy atmosphere, perfect for exploring, celebrating and picture-perfect photo opportunities.

A vew of the small harbour on Lolland island

Linn & Thomas, turned their civil wedding into an adventurous experience by getting married on the island of Lolland-Falster. The beach wedding ceremony took place at the Hestehoved Jetty, one of the best elopement destinations for couples that want a cosy, but fun, beach wedding abroad.

Linn & Thomas enjoying glass of champagne after their beach wedding in Denmark
Linn & Thomas enjoying glass of champagne after their beach wedding

Emma & Rose, from England, chose our Romantic Location Package that saw them get married on a beach on Lolland Island. Which was their dream location. Their wedding ceremony was held on the beach, there was champagne followed by a gorgeous and fun photoshoot.

Same sex couple getting married on the beach on Danish island of Lolland
Emma & Rose on the beach, listening to the officiant

The Island of Moen is home to the natural wonder Moens Klint. It’s distinctive snow-white chalk cliffs on the sparkling Baltic Sea make it a really dramatic location for a small beach wedding. Also perfect for nature lovers with over 20 species of beautiful orchids grown on the island it’s also a paradise for bird watchers.

A view to Moens klint - perfect venue for your adventure wedding

A couple kissing passionately in the front of Moens klint, since they just eloped abroad
A couple kissing passionately in the front of Moens klint.

The prettiest Danish Island is Bonholm. Cut off from the mainland by sea waters, Bornholm has a completely unique atmosphere. It has beautiful white sand beaches in the south and rugged cliffs and unspoiled nature in the north. It also has the most perfect and romantic beach in Denmark for a small beach wedding.

Newlyweds sitting on the stones of the ancient castle on Danish island after they get married
Nywlyweds on the Bornholm island

So, if you’re thinking of having a small beach wedding and are considering having it in Denmark why not browse the pages on our site

to learn more about the beautiful weddings we create. And if you want to talk please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

Lena & Carsten

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