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Stephanie and Tom Small Beach Wedding in Denmark

Small beach family wedding in Denmark

Stephanie and Tom, who are both from the Netherlands, live with each other and have three children together. Recently they decided to get married, and they had their small intimate wedding abroad in Denmark, inviting only their parents and some of their closest friends to attend the special ceremony.

A picture of the couple and their guests at the small intimate beach wedding abroad in Denmark

Kids sitting in the sofa at their parents intimate wedding abroad in Denmark

A bride reading her vows at her small wedding abroad in Denmark

The wedding was a very calm and peaceful one, along the coast of the enchanting Baltic Sea. The weather was beautiful, sunny but not too warm, and there was not too much wind. This is just one of the many pluses when it comes to getting married in Denmark.

A groom laughing and having fun as he getting married in Denmark

Although the small beach wedding was a private one and there weren’t many people in attendance, there were still just enough people present in order to create a small and festive vibe. After the couple said their vows to each other and made the marriage official, everyone was served champagne and cake. The kids laughed and danced with each other, while the adults drank champagne and listened to music. Then Stephanie and Tom took wedding photos along with their children, who were more than excited to be attending the wedding of their parents.

Newlyweds cutting cake at their danish island wedding

Family dancing on the beach at the inimate beach wedding in Denmark

A couple dancing as they eloping abroad and get married on danish island Lolland

Intimate Wedding in Denmark

Soon after, the newlywed couple went for a stroll along the amazing Baltic Coast. They ended up on a long pier where they danced and took even more fun photos to capture the moment. By the end of the day, the newlywed couple was quite clearly very relaxed and satisfied with their adventure wedding. It was obviously a great decision to have their wedding in Denmark, not only because they had a great time, but so did everyone else who was in attendance that day.

Newlyweds embracing and looking at each other passionately as they getting married abroad in Denmark

A portrait of the couple and their children after their danish wedding on the beach

A happy couple after having their marriage in Denmark on Danish island Lolland

In conclusion, the small beach wedding was very calm and peaceful, but at the same time exciting and fun, which proved to be the perfect combination for the small intimate wedding. All of the guests in attendance, both the children and adults, truly seemed to have had a great time, but no one was more excited than Stephanie and Tom, who were smiling and laughing the entire time. The couple acted as if the day would never end. They were living completely in the moment and the content looks on their faces said it all.

A family portrait at the Danish beach on Lolland, where they get married abroad

A family posing to the camera at the beach island wedding in Denmark

Denmark is truly a beautiful place, and it is no secret. It is possibly the best place for couples to tie the knot. There is a combination of everything to be found in this Scandinavian country, perfect weather, amazing views, endless nature, and great vibes. Stephanie and Tom surely made the right decision to have their wedding here and they will cherish it forever.

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