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Sustainable Weddings – How to make sure your wedding doesn’t cost the Earth

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Sustainable wedding is important for this newlyweds as they wish green wedding in Denmark

Overseas couples who choose to get married in Denmark do so because they want a wedding that truly reflects who they are, the values they hold and the way they choose to live their lives. So it stands to reason that if you choose a green and sustainable lifestyle, you are going to want a green and sustainable wedding.

Denmark is the greenest country in the world and here at Nordic Adventure weddings all of our weddings have been designed to be environmentally friendly. Here are five tips on how you can make sure your wedding is sustainable too.

A bride and groom leaned their heads against each, after they had eco-style, environment friendly wedding on Danish islands

1. Celebrate nature by having your wedding outside

Outside weddings require no lighting, no electricity and very little decoration as the natural flora and fauna provide natural adornment. Having your wedding in a meadow, on a farm, on a nature reserve or at a significant geological site means that the cost of your wedding ceremony will go towards the upkeep, care and protection of that location for future generations to enjoy.

A couple listen to the wedding vows at their outdoor green wedding.

Most of the Danish Island weddings we arrange are outdoors. We specialise in creating a cosy atmosphere with candle lanterns and blankets on the back of chairs so you and your guests don’t get cold. And afterwards, we leave no trace that we were ever there!

2. Only source food from suppliers that use local, season and organic food

Most of us like to know precisely where our food comes from and how it has been produced, so the food for your wedding day should be no different. Choose food suppliers that use local, seasonal and mostly organic food.

A wedding table with eco-friendly decorations waiting for guests.

Luckily, Denmark is a food and farming nation so when we plan weddings, we have a great network of high quality local suppliers. One supplier we use is our local CO2 friendly ’Earth to Table’ restaurant who produce fantastic vegan and vegetarian dishes for weddings.

3. Use eco-friendly flowers

It’s insane that flowers are flown around the world for weddings in locations that have their own native flowers. There is nothing more beautiful than a wildflower bouquet that includes flowers that grow where you are getting married. For outdoor weddings its looks even better as your bouquet will perfectly match your surroundings looking like the bride had just picked them from the stem herself.

Two vases with local flowers at the eco-style wedding table

Here at Nordic Weddings, we collaborate with a local florist that designs each bouquet by hand using locally grown flowers. They also create green wedding centerpieces that are an intriguing arrangement with candles and crafts.

After the wedding your flowers can be composted or up cycled by being given to a local hospital or hospice.

4. Choose eco-friendly decorations and gifts

Small and elopement weddings in Denmark need very little decoration as they are usually held outdoors and use the natural fauna as adornment. However, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your wedding decorations and gifts are eco-friendly. For a start, eco-friendly biodegradable confetti are now widely available, wedding favors of seeds and small plants are popular, and instead of wedding gifts you can ask for donations to your favorite green charity such as Friends of the Earth.

Sustainable wedding uses simple decorations, as this wedding welcome

5. Choose an eco-friendly wedding dress and jewelry

Up-cycling a vintage dress or renting a dress has become a popular choice for brides planning an ethical wedding. Pull out your mothers wedding dress, most mothers would be happy to let you revamp it for your wedding and what a joy to know that you both wore the same dress on your wedding days.

Used wedding dress is very popular if you wish eco-style green wedding

Luckily, a small number of wedding suppliers have got on board with eco-friendly wedding dresses so you can you can still enjoy dress shopping and feel beautiful on your day in a dress that doesn’t make you compromise on your green credentials. Check out ‘Indie Bride’ and ‘Sister Organics’ who specialize in vintage upcycled wedding dresses in a boho style. We love their dresses as they look perfect for an outdoor adventure wedding in Denmark, just team them with wellies or hiking boots!

And you don’t have to leave it there. Why not shop for vintage second hand engagement and wedding rings. Hand me down rings from older relatives are eco-friendly and have sentimental value which is always better than something overpriced and flashy.

So have fun planning your eco-style wedding. I hope we’ve shown you that planning your wedding needn’t cost the earth but can in fact go towards saving it. (and not to mention saving you some money along the way!) Get inspired and look at Elia&Lisa´s green wedding in Denmark.

Newlyweds on the green grass right after their sustainable wedding in Maribo

If you think your eco-friendly wedding could see you getting married in Denmark then why not get in touch. We’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

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