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What is an elopement wedding?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Newlywed  posing by the cliffs during their adventure elopement in Denmark
A Spanish couple captured at the cliffs in Denmark

What it means to elope in nowadays? Elopements have changed a lot in recent years, meaning that many people have ideas or notions about them that are out of date. So here, we’re going to discuss the five most common myths about elopement weddings.

1. “Elopement weddings are only popular now because of COVID-19”

Whilst it’s true the pandemic has caused there to be more elopements and small intimate weddings in different locations around the world. It is also true that in recent years elopement weddings all over the world have been steadily on the rise anyway.

A couple posing and have fun as they just eloped abroad in Denmark
A German couple enjoying their wedding day on the island of Møn in Denmark

This is because couples like to create their own weddings, often from scratch, based on what they want from the day not what is expected of them.

In fact, elopements to Denmark have been increasing in popularity for years now. The most popular destinations for couples eloping in Denmark are islands of Lolland, Møn and Bornholm.

2. “Elopement weddings are for people who can’t afford a proper wedding.”

Not true. Elopements are like any other wedding in that you can spend as little or as much as you like. Unlike a traditional wedding you are not ‘priced per head’ for the wedding reception but you are still at liberty to spend as much as you like on your flights, accommodation, dress and wedding suppliers.

Friends congratulate the newlyweds as they getting married in Denmark
A German couple got married on the Bornholm island in Denmark

Though it’s fair to say that having no, or few guests, does make your money go further. Allowing you greater freedom with your wedding budget. Just look at our amazing wedding packages!

When you book us to help you plan your elopement wedding in Denmark, we always ensure pricing is very clear so that there are no hidden costs, allowing you to relax and spend your budget on the things you love the most.

3. “Elopement weddings are just the two of you”

Not necessarily. Around half the number of elopement weddings in Denmark that we have organized have had a small number of guests in attendance.

A family have fun during their intimate adventure elopement in Denmark
A family celebrating small intimate wedding on Lolland island.

Many elopers choose to have their very closest friends and family with them to celebrate their marriage. So, the term elopement wedding can sometimes also mean a micro or small wedding.

4. “Elopement weddings are unplanned and spontaneous”

You can be forgiven for thinking this. After all, historically that is the way elopements have been portrayed. The love-struck couple charging off to Gretna Green or Las Vegas to be married before anyone can stop them. But this is not so. Your impulsive romantic have to control yourselves because you can’t just turn up!

Same sex couple sitting at the table during their gay marriage in Denmark
A darling couple from Great Britain enjoying the moment during their beach wedding on Lolland island.

Elopements need to be planned and you’d be well advised to use wedding planners who understand the laws, language, culture and geography of your chosen wedding location.

5. “Elopement weddings are just a ceremony”

Increasingly, couples want their whole day to be something memorable, and they want to have it all captured. When it comes to wedding photography, they want more than the ceremony and a couple of portraits afterwards. Couples who choose elopement weddings in Denmark have a curious and adventurous nature so will want to explore our beautiful beaches, historically rich castles and world heritage sites. As well as celebrate their union with amazing food and drink. With a Danish wedding photographer right there to capture every magical moment. Look at the our gallery and get inspired.

A couple making selfy during their adventure wedding in Denmark
A lovely couple at the Vindeholm castle in Denmark

So, we hope this blog has dispelled any preconceived ideas you had about elopement weddings. Couples who choose to elope tend to be more travelers than tourists, they have an adventurous spirit and crave a truly unique wedding that doesn’t follow a pre-set pattern. If this sounds like you two then you should definitely look into having an elopement wedding.

In fact, you should consider an elopement wedding in Denmark. (You knew we were going to say that, didn’t you!)

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