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Why Do Foreigners Get Married in Denmark?

Why Do Foreigners Get Married in Denmark?

If you’re considering getting married in Denmark, there are a few things you need to know. Couples choose this Nordic country for their nuptials because of the stunning location, and also because of how easy it is to arrange a wedding in Denmark. If you’re planning a wedding and you want it to be an incredibly special and memorable event, read on to discover why so many foreigners choose to get married in Denmark.

Stunning Locations

A Danish castle

Many foreigners choose to get married in Denmark because of the wide variety of locations. With over 400 islands of various sizes, couples can choose to exchange their vows on a sandy beach, on a rugged clifftop, or further inland where the land is rich and verdant.

The Venues Are Out of This World

A couple on the Danish beach

There are ample venues to choose from when you plan a wedding in Denmark. You can choose a medieval castle, an ancient church by the sea, a rose garden, a quaint town hall, or a forest. Some couples opt for a remote or rural setting so they can be photographed with their loved one barefoot, surrounded by sweeping countryside.

It’s a Straightforward Process

The legal side of marriage can feel like a bit of a headache, but getting married in Denmark is a relatively simple process. The documents needed vary from couple to couple but generally, the requirements are the same for everyone, including same-sex couples. Documents to get married in Denmark generally include a Power of Attorney, a Declaration of Marriage, a copy of your passport, a Certificate of residence, and a civil status certificate.

Everything Is Organized for You

Danish beaches are ideal for romantic elopement

A company like Nordic Adventure Weddings can take care of all the documents you need to get married in Denmark. If there is a problem or complication with anything, we help you find a solution. We have experience in resolving all kinds of issues for couples. Aside from knowing exactly what you need to make your marriage in Denmark legal, we recognize what makes a wedding go smoothly. We can make all the arrangements, so your wedding is a dream come true. It will go according to plan, from the moment you arrive to the moment you return home with your new husband or wife.

You Make Special Memories

Winter wedding in Denmark is a fairytale

When you know all the plans are in place for your wedding, you can relax and enjoy the romantic build-up to your big day. You and your partner can concentrate on one another and share the excitement and anticipation, while someone else worries about the arrangements' finer details. You can also explore the local area, experience a different culture, and enjoy your favorite hobbies and pastimes. Denmark is perfect for swimming, sailing, bird spotting, hiking, cycling, playing golf, island-hopping, and much more.

It’s Affordable

Getting married in Denmark need not be expensive. We offer a range of wedding packages to suit couples, whatever their budget, starting from just EUR 700. When you choose the package that is right for you, you are not in any way limited. You can add or change any part of the package to suit you. This is your event, and we are here to make it an overwhelming success.

Why Choose Marriage in Denmark?

A wedding in Denmark is an unforgettable experience. Minimum documents are required, which means bureaucracy need not be an issue. In a way, marriage in Denmark is like a Las Vegas wedding — the focus is on the two of you and your vows. It’s all about celebrating your union without the hassle associated with many typical weddings. If this sounds like the type of wedding you and your partner are looking for, get in touch with us. The best-rated wedding planner in Denmark, Nordic Wedding Adventures is an award-winning company in destination weddings.

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