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Danish Island for Adventure Elopement Weddings


If you are thinking about elope abroad, you have to consider Bornholm Island as a possible destination for your dream elopement wedding. Just a ferry ride a way from central Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, Bornholm Island is a breathtaking destination for your island wedding

Couples wanting to elope abroad are sure to fall in love with Bornholm’s rich history, remoteness, and wonderful scenic landscapes.

We offer an amazing all-inclusive wedding package Island Escape - for your adventurous elopement abroad. 


Bornholm Island's coastline, a laid-back elopement abroad destination for couples dreaming of an adventure wedding.

In the heart of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm Island is known for its stunning beaches, lovely climate, and peaceful local culture. Among Danes, Bornholm is known as a sunny island and weekend getaway destination, where they go to escape and renew. Bornholm Island is their equivalent of Hawaii! 

With most tourists being locals, Bornholm Island embodies Scandanavian living with its minimalistic beach houses, unspoiled beaches, and easy way of life. 

The island is full of trees and agriculture with locals known for their delicious cherries, apricots and walnuts. The island’s fertile soil and warm climate drive local farming and produce, much of which is then taken to Copenhagen for local businesses and restaurants.

A look up close at Hammershus Ruins, a medieval fortress on Bornholm Island, one of the best wedding destinations in the world for small intimate weddings abroad
Bornholm Island coast line, an example of the island’s stunning beauty.
Hammershus Ruins, your island wedding location overlooking the sea

Bornholm Island is full of surprises, especially with the various landscapes that can be found across the island.

Fields, hills, forest, mountains, and white sand dunes are stunning sights for travelers and newlyweds to see and enjoy in a laid-back fashion.

A couple enjoying their island wedding elopement at Bornholm Island with Nordic Adventure Weddings.
A couple sitting at Hammershus Ruins, during their island  adventure wedding at Bornholm Island.

In addition to the greenery and landscapes, round churches and windmills throughout the island add to the charisma of this place. Skilled crafts like glass blowing is also a popular practice among the inhabitants. In fact, the Royal Danish Academy has its workshop for glass and ceramics at Bornholm Island.

Minimalistic Nordic design, combined with nature, pure beaches, and tasty local cuisine characterize Bornholm Island. 


Aerial view of Hammershus Ruins, Bornholm Island, where couples go for their wedding elopement abroad.
A view of Hammershus Ruins, your island wedding destination for your ceremony.

At the northern tip of Bornholm island are the Hammershus Ruins, a pristine wedding location that’s perfect for couples dreaming of a romantic adventure together.

Once a medieval fortress, these ruins have been preserved and are still as majestic as ever. Wedding ceremonies at Hammershus Ruins are beyond thrilling because they offer a panoramic view of the historic land and Baltic Sea. 

Adventurous couples dreaming of elopement abroad, like our lovely German couple Franziska and Marcus, choose the historic Hammershus Ruins for their picturesque wedding ceremony.

Franziska and Marcus at Hammershus Ruins after saying their vows, overlooking the majestic Baltic Sea.
Franziska and Marcus at Hammershus Ruins after saying their vows, overlooking the majestic Baltic Sea.

Can you imagine saying your vows at such a stunning location overlooking the sea? No words can describe the beauty or serenity of such a place as its charm comes from its natural beauty and remoteness.

Bornholm Island's rocky, mysterious coastline, one of the many natural sights you will see during your overseas wedding here


Bornholm Island is a beautiful destination for couples eloping abroad because its essence is protected by locals which value simplicity and elegance. No wonder why this sunny island, filled with natural scenery such as white sand dunes, beaches, tasty local cuisine, and art, is attracting happy couples from all over the world for their elopement abroad

If you and your loved one are dreaming of an adventure elopement, book your island wedding today and experience the elegant magic of the Baltic Sea and Bornholm Island!

A couple enjoying their time at Hammershus Ruins during their adventure elopement at Bornholm Island.

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