The couple eloping in Europe for magical touch wedding package in Denmark


Most beautiful destination for your wedding abroad in Denmark

The Magical Touch Package is all about experiencing an historic and wonderful Nording wedding abroad. Can you imagine getting married at a historical place like the former ancient Church? Located on the edge of Stevens Klint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ancient Højerup church is simply… magical! 

Bird's eye view of the Old Højerup Church on Stevens Klint, a stunning location for your overseas wedding.

The Old Højerup Church on Stevens Klint, one of the most beautiful places to get married in Denmark. 

Fun Fact: The former Church is open for anyone to book their destination wedding. It is the only church in Denmark where you can have a civil wedding, regardless of religion, sexuality or nationality.

Say YES and your wedding vows at a church that has an incredible, full sea-view of the Baltic Sea. Just a 1 hour drive from Copenhagen, the Old Højerup Church on Stevens Klint is truly a spectacular destination wedding venue.

A couple standing in front of the ancient church, perfect for civil weddings abroad.

Tetiana & Jakub in front of the Old Højerup Church, enjoying their small destination wedding.

Couples from all over the world are choosing this special location for their wedding venue abroad due to its history, importance, and wonder. Karsten and Darya, a darling couple from Spain, had a blast at this unique destination wedding location.

A couple embracing inside of the Old Hojerup Church, a great wedding venue abroad for your island wedding.
A couple enjoying their civil wedding abroad at the ancient UNESCO Hojerup church after booking a destination wedding packages with Nordic Adventure Weddings.

Karsten and Darya inside the church, sharing an intimate moment and outside the church enjoying the unspoilt view of Stevens Klint and the sea during their perfect wedding abroad.

Magical Touch

Small Destination Wedding Package at  €2.200

The Technical Stuff:

  • Streamlined personal wedding planner

  • All legal paperwork 

  • Danish marriage fee paid

  • Officiant/Registrant fee paid

  • Fee for using UNESCO heritage site paid

  • International marriage certificate is issued immediately after the ceremony and is available in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French

  • Witnesses (if you are eloping abroad for 2)

  • Assistance with travel and accommodation

  • Assistance on the day of the ceremony

The Fun Stuff: 

  • The full civil ceremony at the ancient Church

  • Decoration of the ancient Church with flowers and candles

  • Bridal bouquet and buttonhole

  • Bubbles for the toast

  • Cake (up to 10 persons)

  • Additional services available - customize your Magical Touch - Wedding Abroad Package

Celebrating their intimate destination wedding abroad in Denmark with bubbly!

Ancient Church History

The Højerup church is made out of chalkstone in Romanesque style, completed in the year 1250. Being over 770 years old, this Nordic church has been through a lot but is still proudly standing over Stevens Klint. When it was first  built, the church was a good distance from the edge of Stevns Klint. Nordic legend has it that every Christmas night, all churches in Denmark shift a coin-sized distance. 


On March 16, 1928, the church choir and part of the cemetery crashed into the sea! Today, the church has gone through several renovations and is thoroughly secured, attracting daytime visitors from all over the world.

A couple happy at the Old Hojerup Church during their civil wedding abroad, at their top destination wedding venues.
A couple signing paperwork during their civil wedding abroad at the ancient Hojerup Church's balcony with a sea-view, a truly unique destination wedding location.

Karsten & Darya getting married in the Old Højerup Church, one of the best European wedding destinations in Denmark.

Stevens Klint Nature: Your destination elopement awaits

Stevens Klint is a stretch of white chalk cliffs, stretching for 17km along the coast. Tourists from all over the world visit this UNESCO World Heritage site to experience its rugged, unspoilt nature.


Stevens Klint is also considered to be the best place to see the traces of the asteroid that caused a mass extinction, wiping out the dinosaurs, over 66 million years ago. To this day, people are still finding fossils of past life there. 


For couples eloping abroad, Stevens Klint and the Old Højerup Church are one of the best places in the world to get married. 

A couple enjoying their destination wedding at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Stevens Klint and the Old Hojerup Church.
A couple posing on the natural beauty that Stevens Klint has to offer, a stunning all-natural wedding venue abroad by the Old Hojerup Church.

The unspoilt nature of Stevens Klint that surrounds the Old Hojerup Church - perfect for your adventure wedding photography couple shoot.

Exploring the terrain where Stevens Klint meets with the Baltic Sea during their island wedding adventure.

Exploring the nature around the church and Stevens Klint during their small intimate wedding abroad.

All in all, the Old Højerup Church is a stunning wedding venue, perfect for couples that want their wedding abroad for 2021 to be an unforgettable experience. Book the Magical Touch Package for your adventure elopement!


Romantic Location

Newlyweds holding hands during their Denmark adventure wedding abroad.

Our truly spectacular Romantic Location Weddings are for you, if you are looking for stunning scenery for your big day.

Hide Away

Newlyweds laughing during their adventure destination wedding on the bridal islands of Denmark.

The Hide Away Package is your all-inclusive wedding package for two if you are dreaming of eloping abroad and having a charming Nordic wedding.

Island Escape

A groom and his bride experiencing an amazing Denmark adventure wedding abroad, pictured on Bornholm Island.

Our truly spectacular nature wedding on mysterious island of Bornholm, include coverage of the adventure photographer!

Only in Juni 2021.


A bride and groom walking through the open-air museum their destination wedding venue for their Denmark adventure wedding abroad.


Lolland-Falster islands are a picturesque combination of green plains and hills intertwined with the water surface. Lolland-Falster is one big island nation, with distinct cities, a cozy atmosphere, and smaller but nonetheless unique experiences waiting all year around.

A couple kissing by Mons Klint, celebrating their marriage during their Denmark destination adventure wedding.


Here is a natural wonder of Denmark - the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint. The snow-white cliffs sparkling in the sun, the steepest and highest in the country, make an unforgettable impression, and thanks to the limestone, more than 20 species of beautiful orchids grow on the island.

A bride holding up her bouquet and the groom hugging her and smiling during their Denmark adventure wedding on Bornholm island.


The most beautiful island not only in Denmark, but in the entire Baltic. Cut off from the mainland by sea waters, Bornholm has a completely unique atmosphere. It has beautiful white sand beaches in the south and rugged cliffs and unspoiled nature in the north.