Happy Couples: Get Married in Denmark

Browse through our photo gallery of happy clients and see what a gorgeous marriage in Denmark can look like! Nordic Adventure Weddings organized all of the weddings featured here in Denmark and Danish Islands for foreign couples interested in eloping abroad


Some couples wanted a small intimate wedding abroad and others simply wanted to renew their vows. Regardless of what they chose, they had an unforgettable Denmark wedding!

Browse through our Happy Couples collection and get ideas for your wedding in Denmark. Getting married in Denmark is not only a breathtaking experience, full of breathtaking nature and stunning sights, but it is also an incredibly easy process, convenient for foreign and same-sex couples.


Darya & Karsten

A small intimate wedding  in the historical, ancient Hojerup Church.

 (Stevns Klint, Old Højerup Church, Zealand Island)

Patrick  Breno (90 of 130).jpg

Patrick & Breno

A charming elopement abroad - an island wedding in breathtaking the Maribo Lakes Nature Park

(Lolland Island)


Lisa & Elia

Elope abroad and experience a darling country-style wedding abroad in a Nordic                     open-air museum.

                      (Lolland Island)


Fei & Ionut

 A romantic outdoors, charming elopement wedding overlooking the Baltic Sea on the UNESCO Heritage Site Stevens Klint.

(Stevens, Klint, Zealand Island)

Magdalena & Adam (53 of 180).jpg

Magdalena & Adam

An adventurous viking-themed  elopement wedding hosted with style in the historic open-air museum, the Land of Legends.

(Zealand Island)

A charming couple enjoying their romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in one of the many lovely castle parks in Denmark.

Imelda & Johnny

A charming couple enjoying their romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in one of the many lovely castle parks in Denmark.

                      (Lolland Island)


Melanie & Shreyam

A small intimate wedding  in the wild nature of Roskilde Fjord.

 (Roskilde Fjord, Zealand Island)


Ivonne & Aaron

A castle wedding for two, one of the best wedding destinations in the world

(Vindeholme Castle, Lolland Island)


Tomoko & Jean

Elope abroad and get married by the Maribo Lake in the stunning Maribo Nature Park

                      (Lolland Island)


Marina &Michael

A warm and intimate wedding abroad in a magical park surrounding one of the many castles in Denmark and Lolland Island

(Lolland island)


Franziska & Marcus

A  charming elopement abroad on the mysterious island of Bornholm - a truly unforgettable place in the Baltic sea

(Bornholm Island)


Katelyn & Joel

Elope abroad and experience a cozy and nature-based wedding ceremony in a romantic Nordic garden. .   

           (Rose Garden, Falster Island)


Courtney &Patryk

Couples from different nationalities can experience their dream intimate wedding abroad in Denmark.

(Maribo, Lolland island)


Tricia & Jim

A cozy, charming adventure wedding in the winter months, made special with         music, fire, and champagne

(Lolland Island)


Anja & Ryan

A magical winter elopement abroad, Møn’s chalk cliffs and beach contain fossils that are over 70 million years old!   

           (Møns Klint, Møn Island)


Julia & Maximilian

A beautiful couple renews their vows where William Shakespeare based       Elsinore Castle from Hamlet on.       (Kronborg Castle, Zealand island)


Emma & Rose

A timeless wedding ceremony on the beach, a true Nordic wedding.
(Lolland Island)


Melissa & Gillian

A romantic elopement  in Maribo and the cozy ceremony by the lake - this what we call a romance.

(Maribo, by Maribo lake)


Lauren & Pedro

A small intimate wedding abroad is the essence of a beautiful marriage in        Denmark. 

(Lolland Island, Bandholm Beach)


Anton & Denis

Same-sex couples are eloping abroad and getting married in Denmark because of liberal laws.
(Lolland Island & Møns Island)


Linn & Thomas

Visit the stunning Danish Islands for your special day and turn your civil wedding into an adventurous elopement abroad experience.  
(Hestehoved Jetty, Lolland Island)


Anna & Victor

Beach weddings are extremely popular in Denmark, especially since the country is made up of more than 400 islands!
(Aarhus, North Jutland)


Victoria & Martin

A charming, intimate elopement to a cozy Nordic town filled picturesque moments, European charm, and lovely piers. (Løkken, North Jutland)


Tetiana & Jacub

Did you know that weddings in Denmark can be held in historical stone churches located right on the seafront?
(Stevns Klint, Old Højerup Church, Zealand Island)


Anabelle & Amrit

A classic vow renewal ceremony in the Lungholm Castle followed by an adventure though the natural sights of Lolland.

(Lungholm Castle, Lolland)


Elena & Andre

Modern-style urban elopement for vow renewals, exploring the architecture of Aarhus and the nearby beach and dunes.

(Aarhus, Jutland)


Rita & Benny

A dazzling elopement to a 4-star hotel for a romantic location wedding by a lovely cottage  and dancing on the beach.

(Bandholm Hotel, Lolland Island)


Marina & Daniel

Have you ever dreamed what a wedding in the castle would be like? The fabulous textures, colors, interiors, and exteriors will make you feel like royalty.
(Hvedholm Castle, Fynen Island)


Anastasya & Kirill

An adventure elopement abroad is the experience of a lifetime. Turn your civil wedding into a fun beach wedding ceremony!

(Bandholm, Lolland Island)


Could be you!

Interested in a Nordic wedding? Get married in Denmark!


Nordic Adventure Weddings is here to help couples that want to have an unforgettable wedding Scandanavian wedding experience. For couples considering elopement abroad, Denmark and the Danish Islands are a beautiful getaway location with laws that make getting married easy for all kinds of couples!

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The Danish Islands are a perfect destination for an adventure wedding. Couples wanting to have their wedding on a beach or even have their wedding in the castle of Elsinore have plenty of choices here.


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