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A Family Viking Wedding in Denmark

A portrait of the family in Viking clothing posing at their wedding in Denmark

Petra & Michael came to Denmark from Germany, along with their daughter, Maya, for a truly unique Viking-themed wedding adventure. The family wanted something that was both intimate and unusual, something memorable, and something that would really make their wedding special. Also, they wanted to involve their daughter in the process, so what better than a Scandinavian wedding in Denmark?

A family walking in Trelleborg open air Viking museum

The wedding adventure happened on 27/5/22, a late-spring adventure abroad. It was a sunny day in Denmark at the outdoor wedding venue which captured a historic European vibe.

Sheeps on the grass in Denmark

A mom with her daughter during moms Viking wedding in Denmark

The fresh green grass, sunshine and pretty clouds with grazing sheep exuded a peaceful country vibe. The open-air museum is a popular choice for an outdoor wedding venue among couples that want to feel like they are traveling back in time and history.

A Viking wedding ceremony in the lang house in Denmark

The family booked the Land of Legends wedding package and chose the Trelleborg Viking Village for their adventurous Viking-themed wedding. The family has a tour guide, learned a lot about Viking culture through some of the museum displays and then proceeded to a chamber room where the ceremony would begin.

A guide telling Viking stories during adventure family wedding abroad

A decoration with candles in the Viking longhouse in Trelleborg

A decoration of the Viking house with skin and candles

The atmosphere of the wedding was very intimate, as the room was surrounded by candles and there was even a fire in the center. The feelings in the air were very deep and personal, but also curious and interested in the process as soon the Scandinavian wedding would start and the handfasting ceremony would follow.

An officiant in Viking outfit reading wedding vows in Denmark

Hand fasting ceremony in the Viking style, at the wedding in Denmark

The Viking-themed wedding was truly a beautiful and intimate experience as the historic location combined with the traditional hand fasting ceremony was reminiscent of a Viking wedding that is fully recognized legally binding.

A daughter helps parents with hand fasting ceremony

After the Nordic-style wedding, the family went outside again and enjoyed the beautiful day with fun-filled activities that the open-air museum offered.

fun-filled activities at the Viking wedding in Denmark

From archery to rope pulling and sword combat, the family really enjoyed their Viking-themed wedding adventure. And, most importantly, they found a way to include their daughter not only in the handfasting ceremony but also across the whole day as the activities were plenty!

A girl at the rope pulling

Viking games at the Scandinavian wedding in Denmark

Viking themed wedding, games after

Viking bride and groom playing games outdoor in Denmark

This wedding was spent with a lot of joy and the whole family savored not just the tour and the story telling, but also the games. The Viking wedding at the Telleborg open-air museum was truly a unique ceremony that made traveling abroad to Denmark a special occasion for the entire family!

A Viking family is posing in the front of old house in the museum, where they hold Viking themed wedding

Newlyweds kissing during their Viking themed wedding in Denmark

Watch their little video here:

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