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Marry in Denmark. Your fun, easy, and romantic Danish wedding

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Why Get Married in Denmark?

Did you know that Denmark is a top-destination country among international couples because it's such an easy country to get married in?

Imelda & Johnny had a lovely time during their Danish elopement abroad

Patrick & Breno celebrating their same-sex marriage in Denmark.

Nowadays, having your marriage in Denmark is the most affordable and legal way to register a marriage quickly and without bureaucratic delays. Some call Denmark the “European Las Vegas” for a good reason. 


Nordic Adventure Weddings has been helping people tie the knot in the simplest and most convenient way. This is possible because of our expertise and detailed knowledge of the marriage laws of Denmark


With our experience and guidance, you can get married in Denmark in the most fast-tracked and financially feasible way possible. Throughout the entire period, we will accompany you and be at your service, ready to help. From your first call with us and until you receive your certificate of marriage, we promise to be by your side.


The best choice for couples looking for an easy, simple and legal way to enter an officially registered marriage

Whether you want a small castle wedding or a simple Denmark town hall wedding, we are here to help.


How to Get Married in Denmark:

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Get in Touch

We want to hear from you! Drop us an e-mail, message us on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Contact us and let us know which Danish wedding package you’re interested in.



After you message us about your interest in having your wedding in Denmark, we will get in touch to find out more about your needs, wishes, and wedding date. We will answer all your questions about your marriage in Denmark.



Based on the previous step, we will create and send you an Agreement Letter, Power of Attorney, and Declaration of Marriage forms for you to fill out and sign, so we can legally work with your documents to ensure you meet all of the requirements for a marriage in Denmark.



For the Basic Town Hall and Personal Town Hall Wedding Packages from our civil wedding offers, you will place a €300 non-refundable deposit as per the Letter of Agreement, mentioned in the previous step. For all other packages, the deposit is €500.  

This amount will be deducted later from your final invoice. The remaining balance – as soon as your documents are approved by Danish Authorities but not later than 4 weeks before the wedding date.

If you want to marry as soon as possible with a Quick Marriage (less than 4 weeks from now), we will ask you to pay the whole amount in advance.



We will provide you legal information about the mandatory documents and requirements according to your personal circumstances upon your. We will check the documents thoroughly and submit them to the Danish authorities to approve your marriage in Denmark.

The standard processing time for the documents is 5 working days. In the case of divorce decrees / death certificates issued in countries outside the European Union (except for the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, a.o.) the processing time may take a little longer. 

After your documents get approved, we will notify you to confirm the date of your Danish wedding.

Welcome to the Danish Islands!


The perfect wedding that you have always dreamed of is here! Getting married in Denmark for foreigners is a great experience and we cannot wait to welcome you to our Scandanavian country for your special wedding day!

After your wedding: the legal part


After your marriage has taken place, an international marriage certificate will be issued immediately after the wedding ceremony. This certificate is available in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French. If you wish, we can arrange an Apostille stamp on it. You will receive it within 10 days. Any questions? Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you


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Your Danish Wedding Planners

As your wedding planners in Denmark, we promise to be by your side during your entire journey! From the first online conversation to the moment you receive your international marriage certificate, we will help you experience what getting married in Denmark is all about!


Read our TrustPilot reviews to see what our previous clients have to say about their Nordic wedding experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get married in Denmark?

Denmark is the easiest country to get married abroad!

The simplicity of the formal and legal requirements here allows us to help many couples marry. Danish law allows you to marry in our beautiful country without being residents. This is one of many reasons foreign weddings in Denmark have become so popular. The number of couples getting married in Denmark is increasing every year.

Can foreigners get married in Denmark?

A wedding in Denmark is an ideal solution if one or both of you are foreigners. We can help you get approved and registered by one of Denmark's municipalities. Once accepted, you are well on your way to getting married.

Who cannot get married in Denmark?

You can NOT get married in Denmark if you have asylum seeker or refugee residential status.

For German resided couples see our useful article:

Heiraten in Dänemark anerkannt für ausländische Paare aus Deutschland

Marriage in denmark is recognized in Germany for foreign couples

Can US citizens marry in Denmark?

Yes, we have couples from around the world. US citizens can marry in Denmark.

Can same-sex couples marry in Denmark?

Same-sex couples can marry in Denmark. The country is a popular destination for LGBTQ weddings due to its inclusiveness. Since 1989, Denmark has permitted same-sex marriage with open arms. It was the first country in the world to do so. Same-sex marriage laws in Denmark are liberal and internationally recognized.

What are the conditions for getting married in Denmark?

Couples wishing to marry in Denmark must meet the country's marriage requirements. These conditions are extra to those imposed by the couple's home country.

Among Denmark's requirements:

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old and unmarried.
  • Dissolve any previous marriages
  • Close relatives are not permitted to marry.
  • Individuals under guardianship must have permission from the guardian.
  • Documentation for legal entry into Denmark

How quick is the marriage process in Denmark?

The standard wait time is 5-6 weeks after submitting all required documentation. Couples who choose an express wedding option in Denmark can expect to wait 2-5 days after their documents approval. Our team processes your application as soon as we have all the required documentation.

Approval usually takes one week.

Once our team receives approval, we book the town hall for your ceremony. Availability depends on demand. Some town halls respond quicker than others. We can recommend the most responsive town halls for couples in a hurry to get married.

At some town halls we can choose a wedding date in advance.

Required Documents for marriage in Denmark

To get started, please, take a look at our article: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO GET MARRIED IN DENMARK

To provide you an exact list of documents you need for marriage in Denmark, you must contact us. Circumstances vary from one couple to another.


Can I get married in Copenhagen?

Absolutely! You can get married in Copenhagen city hall

Can I have an outdoor wedding?

Absolutely! We offer different wedding packages, including outdoor ceremonies. There are several lovely places where you can say your vows. Make incredible memories to start your journey together with an outdoor ceremony. You can see our outdoor packages HERE

How long must we stay in Denmark?

It depends on chosen town hall. Usually, you must arrive 1 day before your wedding in Denmark and present your documents to the registry office.

When do we get the Marriage Certificate?

The Danish marriage certificate is made out in Danish, English, German, French, and Spanish. You receive it immediately after your wedding ceremony concludes.

Is marriage in Denmark recognized in Germany?

One of the most common questions we get is whether the marriage is legal. Denmark issues all couples married within its borders a Danish International Wedding Certificate. The benefit is worldwide recognition of your ceremony, also in Germany. Apostille legalizes all Danish wedding certificates, allowing for its administrative use in other countries. The EU does not require the legalization of the wedding certificate, but all non-EU countries need the Apostille on it, and for some countries - a full legalization (first - through the ministry of foteign affairs and then - through the respective embassy. Our team will meet all the legal requirements for your home country.

Can I get married in Denmark on a tourist visa or student visa?

Yes, you can get married in Denmark on a visitor visa or student visa. The visa must be valid while you are staying in Denmark. Couples also must meet all marriage conditions per Denmark law.

How Danish Marriage Certificate looks like?

Danish marriage certificate

Can UK citizens marry in Denmark?

Yes, we have couples from around the world. UK citizens can marry in Denmark.

Can non-EU citizens get married in Denmark?

Yes, we have couples from around the world. Non-EU citizens can get married in Denmark.

Where in Denmark can we marry?

Choosing where in Denmark to marry is a personal decision. We consult with couples to get their personal tastes and timetable. Then, our team recommends locations that suit your preferences.

Couples seeking quick and stylish ceremonies may prefer Copenhagen, Helsingor, Maribo, or Tonder. All have scenic town halls. Some locations are close to the border with Germany, opening exciting possibilities.

Every registry office has internal rules. Once couples choose their location, we can begin the application process. We will provide a timetable once processing begins.

Could we be subject to an interview with the Danish authorities?

Denmark is welcoming to couples who wish to marry within its borders. But it has taken steps to put a stop to sham marriages. In 2019, Denmark passed a law to prevent obtaining EU residency through fake marriage.

A centralized special unit now reviews all wedding applications. It looks for false documentation or suspicious application materials indicating sham marriages. If there are suspicions, the unit may invite the couple for an interview to follow up. The interviews happen at the office in Odense. Couples who refuse this request will have their applications denied.

What is the ceremony like?

Couples looking for a quick ceremony will enjoy a town-hall wedding. On average, they last 5 to 10 minutes and include short vows and a ring exchange. While they are brief, they also are romantic. Registrars can conduct the ceremony in English or German on request.

Some town halls allow outdoor ceremonies and other customizations. This can include writing your own vows, using music, and live-streaming the ceremony. Couples can discuss their wishes and we will do our best to accommodate.

The signing of the marriage certificate follows the ceremony.

Are there any legal and administration fees?

Yes, an administrative fee of €220 for the Danish government is included in all our packages.

Are witnesses required?

Yes, 2 witnesses are required. You may bring your own witnesses, or we can provide witnesses for you.

Can I change my name on my wedding day?

Only residents of Denmark can change their name on their wedding day. All others must wait until they return to their home country to make the change.

What happens after returning home as a married couple?

Denmark registers all weddings performed in the country. Couples also will need to register their ceremony in their home countries. Present your Danish International Wedding Certificate to your local registry office. We recommend doing this as soon as you return home.

Once we're married, can my non-EU partner travel around Europe without a visa?

No, they cannot. Your marriage does not make your partner an EU citizen. Your partner will need to apply for residency in the country where you plan to live. Until then, careful travel around Europe is necessary. This includes ensuring you have the correct visas and travel documents.

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