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A complete guide for UAE couples who wish to marry in Denmark

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

The portret of UAE couple who just got married in Denmark
Amrit & Annabelle live and work in UAE

Marriage is the way one can bond with the partner in a new way, and UAE couples like to do so in Denmark. Love transcends all boundaries. If you happen to be in love with a person who does not belong to the same country as you, you must be aware of various administrative challenges.

Tie the knot

All couples have their reasons for planning to walk down the aisle. Some may get married earlier than anticipated. Maybe you have seen your friends pairing off, or maybe due to the job change, you would want to make a big commitment and want to tackle issues together. Alternatively, you may want to move in together in the same dwelling to spend more quality time together, and so you have decided to take the leap.

The couple wearing the rings to each other fingers during their wedding in the castle in Denmark
The couple got married in the Danish castle

Exploration of options

There are quite a few couples in modern times who believe in living together before getting married. They may, however, need to seal the deal due to administrative reasons. They may be looking for advice regarding where they can go for a quick wedding and that too on a budget. Did the thought ever cross your mind, which is the easiest country where couples can exchange wedding vows? Where is the most affordable place to get married abroad? What are the best options for couples to have a wedding abroad?

Unplug yourself

When it comes to matters concerning love, it is not possible to control such emotions. Exchanging of formal vows is the next step for a majority of the adults. Planning for a wedding may always be a source of stress. Take a look at the website to seek advice on ways of tying the knot with your beloved partner without any stress. You will gain comprehensive knowledge about the gorgeous locations where you can keep your wedding as simple as possible while cutting down costs. Denmark is a popular choice among international couples in the UAE who nurture the desire to get married.

The picture of Egeskov castle in Denmark, which is  perfect location for the wedding
Egeskov castle in Denmark is perfect location for the wedding

Civil ceremony

When you decide to take the plunge to get married to your partner of another nation, you may come face to face with a lot of legal and administrative issues. At this juncture, the place Denmark springs into mind. It is the most preferred wedding destination for many international couples. Their legal ceremonies have gained recognition all across the globe. Within a short span, the number of foreign couples making a beeline for Denmark for their weddings has increased significantly. See our happy couples and get inspiret.

A brief overview

The release of the Demographic Consensus in 2019 of the Dubai population indicates that 15% is composed of native habitats while the remaining population comprises of expatriates. Asians account for 85% of the expatriate population, approximately 71% of the total population. Out of the Asians, about 51% hail primarily from India. In the UAE, you will come across people belonging to more than two hundred nationalities. Therefore, it is not surprising that many individuals from all across the globe get bitten by the love bug and decide to get married. When two individuals decide to get married in the UAE, registration must be done in a Sharia court. In the UAE, Islamic marriages take place following Sharia law provisions.

The couple from UAE sitting in the front of Danish beach house as they getting married in Denmark
Amrit and Annabelle chose Danish island of Lolland for their elopement in Denmark

Legal requirements

Legal requirements have to be followed for registration of marriage in a Sharia court. As per this law, cohabitation is deemed illegal between individuals of the opposite sex if they have not entered into a marital relationship or are not related by blood. According to Islam, marriage is a legal binding between a man and a woman to protect the couple's rights and the children. In this country, expatriates can marry, but they will have to furnish documents based on their religion and nationality. If your country of birth does not have an embassy there, then the marriage between foreign couples can become complicated and time-consuming. In such cases, it may take more than four weeks for the completion of formalities.

Gaining an insight

Many foreign couples do not want to go through the complexities and want simple yet elegant marriage. That is why they prefer a destination where legal complexities and formal requirements are fewer. The thought of getting married abroad may be overwhelming for many individuals. Denmark has become an attractive spot where people can have a cheap and quick wedding. If you think it will be a rushed matter in one of the small offices, you are mistaken. The town halls in Denmark are breathtaking, and each one has a ceremony room for organizing wedding events. See our town hall packages.

Decide wisely

It is a prudent idea to research intensively on the net for finding visually appealing venues in Denmark. If you want, you can invite your near and dear ones to share those precious moments. The nearness to the airports is an added advantage.

Newlyweds from UAE looking at the horisont after their small wedding in Denmark
The couple enjoyed their intimate wedding abroad

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