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Sabrina and John’s elopement wedding in Maribo

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The couple kissing at their elopement wedding in Maribo on Danish island Lolland.

Sabrina from Germany, and John from USA, chose beautiful Maribo Lakes on the Danish Island of Lolland for their elopement wedding in Denmark.

Their wedding ceremony was held outside on the shores of the lake with a view of Maribo’s beautiful 600-year-old gothic cathedral in the background.

Celebrant reading the speech to the couple chosen elopement wedding ceremony by the lake

Maribo Lake is located in the Maribo Lakes Nature Park and is surrounding by breathtakingly beautiful nature that supports local wildlife and habitat. They consist of four lakes surrounded by fields, meadows, bogs and woodland. And are dotted with ancient monuments that tell the story of the area’s rich cultural history. Maribo Lakes are a wild and beautiful location so were perfect location for Sabrina and John’s elopement wedding.

A view to the Maribo - the town where easy to get married in Denmark for foregners

Beautiful elopement wedding in Maribo

Sabrina looked amazing in her dress that had elegant lace detail on the top and a fairy-tale a line floaty skirt giving her a gorgeous silhouette. Complimented with a pretty bouquet of peach and orange flowers. John looked very smart in a dark suit and tie.

A couple having fun on the streets of Maribo after they had elopement wedding in Denmark

After their intimate outdoor ceremony, Sabrina and John celebrated with champagne and cake before heading off to explore the area of Maribo town with one of our adventure wedding photographers.

A picture of the wedding ceremony in Denmark, by the lake
A bride gives to groom a piece of the wedding cake at their intimate wedding in Denmark
Foreign couple toasting as they know how easy getting married in Denmark

First Sabrina and John crossed the jetty so we could capture some images in front of Maribo’s famous 600-year-old gothic cathedral. They then walked on into Maribo Town.

Romantic and fun Maribo elopement wedding

Maribo Town has earned itself the nickname of the ‘town of love’ by locals, as it’s such a popular location for foreign couples looking to marry abroad.

A groom lifting his bride at Maribo streets since they used Denmark elope package.

Maribo Town square has charming and colourful half-timber houses and meandering cobbled streets. It was the perfect place for a romantic walk for the two newlyweds and the perfect backdrop for romantic and fun wedding photographs of Sabrina and John.

Newlyweds looking at each other on the bridge after their small wedding abroad in Denmark

It was lovely working with Sabrina and John to create their perfect elopement wedding in Maribo. Congratulations to you both for getting married and creating such a beautiful wedding adventure for yourselves.

A romantic photo of the groom kissing his bride hand during their intimate wedding in Denmark

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