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Easiest country in Europe for foreign couples to get married in.

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Newlyweds admire since Denmark is an easiest country in Europe to get married for foreign couples

Every year hundreds of foreign couples choose to get married in Denmark. But why do they choose Denmark for their overseas wedding? Let’s face it, when it comes to beautiful wedding locations in Europe, there’s a lot of competition out there. It’s true that Denmark is beautiful, happy and serene, vibrant yet remote, romantic yet wild and really welcoming. Everything you could want from a country hosting your wedding. But it is also because Denmark is the easiest country in Europe to get married in.

Our authorities in Denmark believe that there should be no borders and no restrictions when it comes to love. And that all couples who wish to marry and legally can, should be allowed to get married in Denmark regardless of their religion, nationality or gender. Whilst Denmark is proud to be a very progressive country us Danes are also old-fashioned romantics at heart.

Happy couple are posing at the breech since they getting married in Denmark simple and easy

Danish marriage laws, the bureaucracy, documentation, and processes involved are simpler than any other European country. The list of the documents required for getting married in Denmark is very simple. And traditional Danish weddings see wedding ceremonies take place in Town Halls across Denmark, and we even provide witnesses for you if you need them. Ceremonies can be conducted in Danish, English or German and you are given your marriage certificate there and then so there’s no waiting around. Your marriage certificate is written out in Danish, English, German, Spanish or French.

The photo of the Danish marriage certificate which shows that Danish marriage is recognized worldwide
Danish international marriage certificate is in 5 languages

This minimal no fuss approach to paperwork ensures that you can get on with enjoying your wedding day without being bogged down with administration and formalities.

Overseas couples started to be drawn to getting married in Denmark as early as the 1960’s for this very reason. It’s a tradition we are very proud of and us Danes are always thrilled to see couples who have chosen our beautiful country for their overseas wedding. Which brings us to our next point.

There are factors other than simplified bureaucracy that contribute to why Denmark is the easiest country for foreigners to get married in. Our entire hospitality industry is geared towards hosting small and elopement weddings. There is a thriving wedding industry here, which of course, includes us here at Nordic Adventure Weddings. The fact that we are able to offer 8 wildly different wedding packages, that can see you get married in a town hall, a fairytale castle, on an Island, a beach, at a world heritage site or in a city. Our weddings allow you explore all corners of Denmark including the beautiful Danish Islands. In addition to this we cater for every style of wedding. And as Denmark is so small, you get to really explore everything our little country has to offer.

A little Danish town as your ideal venue for your oversead wedding

If you want to get married easily abroad budget definitely plays a part. In Denmark you can get married for as little as €700 (including all fees and taxes, all paperwork, witnesses, and officiant). Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, we ensure that our wedding packages not only offer you fantastic value for money but cover the cost of everything upfront so there are no hidden extra costs on the day. This excellent value for money and clarity on what is covered in wedding packages, is another reason that makes getting married in Denmark easier than in other countries.

Your wedding will not cost the Earth financial or literally. As we are the greenest country in the world, we ensure that our weddings have minimal impact on the environment. Giving you a peace of mind and a natural and authentic Danish wedding experience.

The last reason why Denmark is the easiest country to get married in is proximity to the rest of Europe. German and Swedish lovebirds can just pop over the border and you can fly here from the UK, Ireland and France in under two hours. And from Spain and Italy in a little over three hours. This minimizes your travel time allowing you more time here to enjoy your perfect adventure wedding in Denmark.

Newlyweds celebrate with champagne their marriage in Denmark

So, if this article has convinced you that a wedding in Denmark is exactly what you want then you need to start organizing your wedding. You can choose to use a Danish wedding planner like us, who can take care of all the planning for you. We take care of all the administration and with your guidance create your perfect wedding adventure.

Let us take this opportunity to congratulate you on your engagement and let you know that there is always a warm welcome awaiting you in Denmark.

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bourass mouhamed
bourass mouhamed
Jan 12, 2023

Its interesting site but is this it’s secured ? I can’t see any references

Nordic Adventure Weddings
Nordic Adventure Weddings
Jan 12, 2023
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Hi, you can see reviews about our company on Google, or on Trust Pilot, just text "Nordic Adventure Weddings".

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