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A new trend in wedding traditions: adventure weddings and elopements.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

A groom drags the bride on his back during their adventure elopement in Denmark

Imagine how romantic it would be to elope abroad to a rugged Danish island for your wedding. You and your partner could put yourselves first, treasure each moment, and concentrate on one another and the Scandinavian scenery around you. Nordic Adventure Weddings can make that dream come true. We can help you to craft your perfect wedding abroad. Whether you want to explore atmospheric historical sites, cycle around the island, embark on an exhilarating coastal hike, or just relax, unwind, and dine in gourmet restaurants, we can make your wedding day dreams come true.

A newlyweds walking in the forest during their romantic elopement in Denmark for two.

Adventure Elopement Weddings

More and more couples are deciding an elopement abroad is a better way to get married than to go ahead with a traditional wedding. This is a precious time for them, and they want to make the most of every moment and this once-in-a-lifetime event. There are many destinations to choose from when eloping abroad, so, why choose Lolland-Falster, Mon, Bornholm, or another beautiful Danish island for an adventure elopement wedding? People choose the Danish islands for wedding for a number of reasons. City dwellers relish the chance of leaving their busy lives behind and getting away from it all to spend time with their special someone and exchange their wedding vows in a way that is personal to them. Adventure seekers look forward to trying out new experiences, like a breathtaking balloon ride or an adrenaline-pumping gallop on a horse through a Danish forest.

A couple hold in hands walking on the field during their adventure elopement wedding in Denmark.

Couples that like to experience a new culture love to visit wineries, breweries, a gingerbread farm, or lighthouses. Those that enjoy learning about the history of an area will be enthralled with the medieval castle ruins at mysterious island of Bornholm, as well as old fortresses and other World Heritage Sites on the islands.

Whatever your preference, you’re sure to be impressed with the stunning countryside, lakes, beaches, and coastline. Explore the white chalk cliffs and sandy beaches of Mon or the nature parks and beautiful bays of Lolland-Falster. Play golf, go sailing, collect seashells, and explore remote locations and towns off the beaten track. You’ll be immersed in the nature and beauty of the area, with time to enjoy your favorite pursuits and make plenty of magical memories.

An Adventure Wedding Tailored for You

A men holds a women at the sunset on Danish island, a perfect venue for your destination wedding.

Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, we find that most engaged couples who come to us have two things in common. First, they have busy lives, and they want to take the opportunity to explore new surroundings or experience a new country at the same time as they get married.

Well, that’s great because we work with you to create a bespoke schedule for your adventure elopement wedding. You and your partner choose each item on your itinerary, and you specify exactly what you want for you and a select number of guests — if they feature in your plans.

Adventure Wedding Photography

Second, we find that all our engaged couples are hoping for incredible photographs that capture their special day and, specifically, their feelings, the essence of their relationship, and their personalities and characteristics. Getting married on a Danish Island is the perfect opportunity to get unique photographs that you will treasure forever. We don’t mean those typical wedding shots where everyone stands in a line and smiles flatly at the camera. These photographs will be a bit different.

A women kiss a men under a tree after they eloped to Danish islands to get married abroad.

An adventure wedding photographer will be on hand throughout your adventure wedding to capture your experiences. Our experienced photographer knows just how to photograph the beautiful moments you share with your partner and capture you at your best. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or an adventure seeker in search of new experiences, an elopement abroad to a Danish island is the perfect way to enjoy your wedding. Get in touch with us to discuss your elopement wedding ideas.

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