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Carl and Bryan’s Same-Sex Marriage in Denmark

Updated: May 21, 2022

The guy couple toasting at their same-sex marriage in Denmark

Carl and Bryan, who are both from the Philippines, recently had their gay marriage in Denmark. The two of them chose the Romantic Location Wedding Package, which offers many different options for unique travel adventures and accommodations.

Guy couple looking at each other passionately during their wedding in Denmark

Same-sex marriage in Denmark has been legal since 1989. Denmark was the first country in the history of the world to ever legalize and allow marriage of the same sex. It is considered a very welcoming and open hearted country, where people are generally quite friendly and respectful to all kinds of people from all over the planet, no matter their background, race, religion, or beliefs.

Same-sex couple looking at each other passionately in the park during their marriage in Denmark

The romantic location wedding package which Bryan and Carl chose for their gay marriage in Denmark took place in Solgaardsparken, which is near to Koge Town in the Zealand region of Denmark. This area is known for its beautiful scenery and wonderful views. It is surrounded by a lot of nature and there are some quite impeccable gardens around which offer a sense of peace and tranquility for anyone who decides to visit this amazing site. The wedding ceremony for this same-sex marriage in Denmark took place in a small temple with an awning view of a blissful river which was in the near vicinity.

A guy couple kissing in the water front as they getting married in Denmark

A guy couple in Solgaardsparken during their elopement in Denmark

Romantic Location Package

It was a very smart decision for the couple to go with the romantic location wedding package for their marriage. This wedding package has many benefits that come with it, for example, 20 guests are allowed to attend the wedding ceremony with no additional cost. Carl and Bryan had a livestream of their ceremony for their loved ones that couldn’t attend in person.

Same-sex marriage in Denmark is possible to live stream as Carl and Bryan did

Newlyweds guys showing their Danish marriage certificate

The Romantic Location Wedding Package offers the best of Denmark’s outdoor wedding venues. There are many different locations which this wedding package offers, from the Maribo Lakes to the Nordic Beaches, and the Scandinavian forests of Denmark among many other places but Carl and Bryan’s ceremony at Koge Town at the beautiful stone gazebo was truly a beautiful event.

A guy marriage in Denmark in little temple in the park

Emotions at the same-sex marriage in Denmark in the park

A guy couple enjoying their romantic wedding in Denmark in the park

Same-sex couple posing in the park as they get married in Denmark in Koge

On Carl and Bryan’s wedding, it was a bright and sunny day, filled with warmth and smiles. After the ceremony, the newlyweds explored the nearby scenery and had a lovely time together, enjoying their adventure abroad.

Same-sex couple walking in Solgaardsparken during their wedding in Denmark

A lovely guy couple having fun in Denmark where they have LGBT marriage.

Carl and Bryan surely made a great choice going with the romantic location package for their same-sex marriage in Denmark. As wedding planners, we have helped many LQBT couples from around the world make their dream wedding come true in Denmark and would love to hear from you!

A lovely guy marriage in Denmark in the park near Koge

A guy couple kissing passionately during their romantic wedding in Denmark

A guy couple demonstrate their rings after they got married in Denmark in Koge.

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