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Christa and Gerard Intimate Wedding in the Rose Garden

Updated: May 21, 2022

A couple posing in the rose garden during their intimate wedding abroad

Christa from Canada, and Gerard from Ireland recently decided to get married in Denmark. The small wedding abroad was done in the Rose Garden which is quite a romantic place to have such an intimate wedding.

A groom almost ready for his wedding in Denmark in rose garden
A happy bride posing before her intimate wedding in Denmark
Newlyweds having fun during their small intimate wedding abroad in the rose garden in Denmark

The atmosphere was quite beautiful in large part due to the simple fact that the Rose Garden is such a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by nature and great vibes.

A couple posing in the park after their small intimate wedding abroad in Denmark

The garden is filled with hundreds of trees and bushes, large fields of grass, and thousands of flowers which surround small pathways making for beautiful promenades through the scenery. It is a darling wedding venue and one of our options for the Romantic Location wedding package.

A couple walking on the bridge in the rose garden during their elopement abroad

Christa and Gerard were surrounded by so much nature in the Rose Garden that even while they were drinking champagne after they had said their wedding vows, a honey bee happened to fall into Gerard’s glass. This was a very funny moment for the two of them and the newlywed couple simply could not stop laughing, as if they did not have enough to smile about already.

a honey bee happened to fall into Gerard’s glass
A couple toasting and has fun during their elopement abroad in Denmark

Handfasting Ceremony

Christa and Gerard incorporated an old Celtic tradition called handfasting into their marriage ceremony.

Handfasting ceremony during small wedding abroad

This tradition is an ancient ritual in which the hands of the couple are tied together in order to symbolize the binding of two lives. This small wedding abroad incorporated both ancient and modern traditions and lifestyles, creating quite a unique and different ceremony unlike most others.

the hands of the couple are tied together in order to symbolize the binding of two lives

Deciding to have their wedding in Denmark, particularly at the Rose Garden ultimately proved to be the correct choice for the couple as they clearly enjoyed the time that they spent there. The scenery and the atmosphere were spectacular. The sun was shining, and the weather seemed to be almost perfect for such an intimate wedding.

Newlyweds having fun on the bench by Baltic Sea wedding in Denmark

Christa and Gerard had an experience at the Rose Garden that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives, not only because it was the day of their marriage, but because of the quality time shared and spent there which was an experience like no other.

A bride and the groom posing in the garden as they celebrate elopement abroad

When the ceremony was finished the newlywed couple went for a long promenade and enjoyed the nature surrounding the Rose Garden which is just one of the many beautiful sites and attractions in Denmark. The scenery was amazing and looked as if it was something from a fictional movie or a fairytale. Surely for Christa and Gerard nothing can compare to the day of their wedding and it will be a moment that they will both cherish for the rest of their lives.

A happy couple enjoying the moment of their small wedding abroad in Denmark.

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Jan 12, 2022

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