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Emma and Rose’s Danish Beach Wedding

Updated: May 21, 2022

Emma and Rose on the coach during their danish beach wedding

Emma and Rose, a lovely couple from the UK, decided to have small intimate wedding abroad, and chose elopement wedding in Denmark and said ‘I do’ on a beautiful beach on Lolland Island.

lgbt couple walking on the beach to the danish wedding venue

a nice bride bouquet for the beach wedding abroad in denmark

They booked their beach elopement wedding through our romantic location package.

The girls looked lovely in beautiful dresses with lace detail and a floaty style that worked perfectly with a beach wedding in Denmark as the style of the dresses gave them the freedom to really explore their surroundings. Emma and Rose’s dresses were complimented with beautiful hand bouquets.

Same-sex couple posing at their legal wedding in Denmark on the beach

Beautiful beach weddings in Denmark

The wedding ceremony was held barefoot on the beach, with a light breeze in their hair and the sound of gentle lapping waves in the background, it was the perfect wedding location for the outdoor and boho vibe that Emma and Rose were looking for.

Gay marriage in Denmark on the Danish islands

Lesbian couple getting married in Denmark on the beach

Nature is its own adornments, so we just added an elegant chaise-lounge a with faux fur throw and some outdoor candles to create that perfect hygge feeling.

a romantic photo of gay couple at their same sex marriage on Danish islands

Same sex couple get married in Denmark on the beach at their Danish islands wedding

Lesbian couple posing on the bridge at their same sex wedding in Denmark

Elope to the Danish Islands

The romantic ceremony was followed by champagne and then Emma and Rose enjoyed a fun photoshoot with one of our adventure wedding photographers. The girls were really fun to work resulting in some simply gorgeous images of them.

Lesbian couple walking on the bridge with flowers as they have their same-sex wedding on Danish islands

Newlyweds couple embracing on the stairs of the bridge at their Danish islands wedding

The images of them Hestehoved Jetty were our favourites, especially the Titanic moment recreation and the image of them sitting on the jetty steps.Evidence that our wedding adventure photographers are more than happy to get into the sea for the perfect images.And it clearly paid off.

Romantic Danish Island beach weddings

A photo of the newlyweds hands, as they got married in Denmark as lgbtq couple

Same-sex couple walking in the town after their beach wedding on Danish islands

Newlyweds posing and hold each other hands, after their Danish islands wedding

If you’ve been inspired by these images Emma and Rose’s gorgeous beach wedding in Denmark and you think a Danish wedding adventure could be for you then feel free to get in touch.

The Danish Islands are made up of endless beautiful remote beaches perfect for romantic beach weddings in Denmark. Let us help you find the one that’s perfect for you two!

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