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Getting married abroad – here are the advantages

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Advantages of getting married abroad
Katelyn and Joel got married in Denmark in Rose garden

From the Great Smokey Mountains to Caribbean islands, from the Pacific Northwest to Scandinavian landscapes, there is no shortage of scenic destinations for weddings. Getting married abroad have gained immense popularity over the past few years with many celebrity couples choosing to get married at an exotic and unusual destination. If you are amongst those people who want to marry abroad but think that it would cost more to say I do on the beach in Tuscany, or in the ancient Church in Denmark, then think again.

Beautiful destination for your elopement abroad
The Ancient Church in Denmark is very popular destination for the elopements

A wedding abroad is a great way to guarantee you have a ceremony that is completely you, it involves a select handful of family and friends to creating a great week-long family reunion or vacation. Here we have put together some of the advantages when you get married abroad.

Easy to Plan

It seems counter-intuitive to think that planning a wedding close to home is easier than the one at a distant location, but it’s the opposite. This is because the abroad wedding locations have a pre-designed wedding package that is created by resident wedding planners. The wedding planners understand your requirements and take care of every last detail such as catering, rentals, decorations, and more, all for one inclusive fee of your special day. They are also a point of contact to answer any questions that your guests or vendors may have, thus taking the pressure off your shoulder.

Winter wedding idea: elope to Danish islands
Tricia & Jim eloped in Denmark in January


We all are aware how lavish a wedding can be. What might start as a family affair can turn out to be a big fancy wedding. It is estimated that a 150-guest wedding costing about EUR 35.000 can easily skyrocket to more than EUR 100.000 in big cities and not to mention the cost of the honeymoon. However, when you chose to marry abroad, you can have both wedding and enjoy your honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort for a few thousand dollars. In addition to this, making group bookings, your resort will usually give you a discount on accommodation and many even offer extras such as complimentary upgrades and spa credits. At Nordic Adventure Weddings we offer packages for all budgets starting from EUR 1.450.

Getting married in Danish castle
Romantic location package costs only EUR 1.450

Spend Quality Time with Guests

With a traditional wedding, it is difficult to find the time to interact with each of your guests and thank them for sharing your special day. However, when you plan to get married abroad, the guests usually arrive a day or two before your special day, allowing you to spend quality time with them. Having that extra time before the wedding also allows the guests to know each other and you all enjoy a lot.

Unique Experiences

Having a wedding abroad will allow you and your family and friends to experience different opportunities that are normally not available in a traditional wedding back at your home. With Nordic Adventure Weddings you get a unique experience like Nordic wedding at Scandinavia’s largest winery, or a sophisticated wedding in a 1st class train carriage that has arrived to you from 1920, or the wedding at the Hamlet castle, thus offering you ways to make memories to be cherished lifelong.

Unique weddings on the Danish island of Bornholm
German couple on the mysterious island of Bornholm

No Family Drama

Another good reason to marry abroad is, no scene-stealing family drama. As when planning a wedding in your city, each parent will have their ideas and would want the wedding to commence that way. It is your day and should reflect your ideas and the way you want the wedding to be. Thus, when choosing a distant location, you free yourself from all that as the wedding is planned according to your needs by the local wedding planner, thus saving you from all the family drama.

With so many advantages of having a wedding abroad and the best that it is cost-effective allows many couples to flock to an unusual destination to have their wedding and a honeymoon as well combined. If you have been thinking to get married abroad then just get in touch with Nordic Adventure Weddings and celebrate a romantic wedding in a unique part of Denmark.

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