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An unusual wedding venue -The Old Fort in the Harbour of Copenhagen

Old Fort is an unusual place to get married abroad
A view to the Old Fort in the harbour of Copenhagen

If you’re getting married abroad and looking for a quirky wedding venue then you should definitely take a look at the Old Sea Fort on the island overlooking Copenhagen Harbour.

Unique Wedding Venue in Denmark

Officially called the Trekroner Sofort (which translate as Three Crowns Sea Fortress) it is a sea fort at the entrance to Copenhagen Harbour that was built in 1787. One of three artificial islands built to protect Copenhagen, its rich history has seen it sunk, rebuilt, enhanced, occupied by invaders, and at one time, used as a prison.

Unusual wedding venue in Denmark, an old fort

Its unique location, in the Harbour of Copenhagen mean it’s only accessible by boat, making arrival to and from your wedding a magical and truly memorable experience in itself.

Trekroner fort is a quirqy wedding venue for your destination wedding

A little harbor in the fort where you can have unique wedding venue

Unusual Place to Get Married

The team at The Fort are very experienced at delivering bespoke wedding days for their couples. Wedding celebrations can start early as you and your guests can quietly sail through Copenhagen’s canals towards the Fort, soaking in the beautiful views whilst enjoying welcome drinks and snacks.

A couple toasting with guests on the boat while they travelling to quirky wedding venue

A setup with a buttle and two glasses

The team at The Old Fort encourage music at their celebrations, so take your pick, you can be greeted on arrival with a live jazz orchestra, have a cellist play beautifully through your wedding ceremony and party the night away with a DJ well in to the night. It’s not like you have any neighbours to worry about!

Guests in the fort - a perfect wedding venue in Denmark
Guests arrived with a boat

Decoration of the unusual place to get married in Denmark
A part of the decoration

At the end of the night, you and your guests will jump onboard for the short sail back to the main land.

And as for food, well anything goes with these guys. Your wedding meal done your way.

Party dinner in the restaurant in Trekroner fort
In the restaurant of the old fort

Dessert served at the old fort restaurant at the wedding day in Denmark

Setup in the restaurant for the destination wedding in Denmark

When we arrange weddings at The Old Fort, we love it when the weather allows our couples to eat their wedding meal outside on the terrace. The views of the harbour are spectacular, especially as the sun goes down and the harbour is lit up at night, under a canopy of stars.

The view of the harbour in the old front

Though evening meals indoors at The Old Fort feel really cosy with exqiusittely dressed candle lit tables. Add to that white interiors and windows throwing in plenty of natural light and it makes a fantastic backdrop to capture some great wedding photography.

A bride looking to the sea at her wedding in Denmark in old fort

Perfect Destination Wedding in Denmark

The Old Fort is the perfect wedding venue for romantic and fun-loving couples looking for a real wedding adventure. We love quirky wedding venues as unusual wedding locations always bring another layer of joy to wedding days.

A view to the old fort from the boat, as a unique wedding venue

Dinning party for the couple who get married in Denmark in old fort

A setup in the restaurant, ready for your destination wedding in Denmark

A wall decorated by bulbs

Areial view to the old fort if you are getting married inDenmark

So, if you’re looking for an unusual wedding venue abroad then you should definitely consider The Old Fort in the harbour of Copenhagen.

And luckily for you, Denmark is one of the easiest countries in the world to get married in. Here at Nordic Adventure Weddings, can plan your wedding with just two weeks’ notice and get you approved to be married in Denmark in just 5 working days!

Add to that regular flights, stunning scenery and the fact that we are officially the happiest and greenest country in the world. It begs the question ‘What are you waiting for?’

Speaking on behalf of our nation - We can’t wait to welcome you!

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