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Fiona and Caleb Forest Intimate Wedding in Denmark

Updated: May 21, 2022

Newlywed with their family at forest intimate wedding in Denmark

Fiona and Caleb, a couple from Ireland, recently had a forest intimate wedding on Lolland Island with their close friends and family in attendance.

A father walking with his daughter to the groom as they have forest elopement abroad in denmark

The woodland wedding was a simple, yet festive one, and the ceremony even had a live stream, so that the people who were not able to attend the wedding could still watch the exciting celebration from home, and still feel as though they were a part of Fiona and Caleb’s special day!

Romantic settings for the forest wedding venue in Denmark

For their forest elopement, the couple picked the Romantic Location Wedding Package. This package is very nature-based, with beautiful views, impeccable scenery, and captures the peaceful vibes of Denmark. This particular woodland wedding took place in the heart of the forests of Lolland Island, where Fiona and Caleb enjoyed bubbly champagne after having said their vows, while bonfires crackled in the background, which created a sense of complete harmony between nature and the people in attendance.

A groom with his bride by the big tree during their forest elopement abroad in denmark

A groom and his bride posing with their friends at the woodland intimate wedding abroad in denmark

Unique Woodland Wedding

Fiona and Caleb had a wonderful time with their forest elopement in Denmark. It was an experience that they will cherish for the rest of their life and they will surely never forget it.

The wedding ceremony in the forest on Lolland island in denmark

A happy guests toasting at the forest intimate wedding of their friends

Having their family and friends in attendance was a big plus as well, and having a live stream of the wedding for the people who were not lucky enough to attend the woodland wedding, made everything just a little more special. The atmosphere of the ceremony was quite festive, but peaceful at the same time. Lolland Island provided the perfect vibes for Fiona and Caleb’s forest elopement, which is why this exquisite island is so highly regarded and recommended for international elopement trips and weddings.

A couple walking in the forest as they just get married in Denmark and had woodland intimate wedding

A bride and groom having fun at their forest elopement abroad in Denmark

Elope to Lolland Island

Lolland Island is located in the Baltic Sea, in the Zealand region of Denmark. The island is covered with beautiful forests, and wonderful beaches along the coast of the Baltic Sea. It also has many historical museums among other attractions and sites. Although Lolland Island is quite small, and only has a population of around 60,000 people, it is a very nice place for a couple to have their elopement. The island is extremely peaceful, it is filled and covered with nature, and it gives off a feeling of tranquility.

A bride toasting with her mades at the forest elopement abroad in Denmark

If you are dreaming of a woodland wedding abroad, Denmark with its rich forests is the perfect destination! Contact us to book your small intimate wedding or forest elopement and we will bring your vision to life.

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