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A beautiful Rose Garden wedding venue in Denmark.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

A couple kissing in the rose garden as they getting married in Denmark
Rose Garden is a perfect wedding venue in Denmark

So, you are planning your elopement abroad and looking for stunning wedding venues.

Get Married in Denmark on Lolland Island

Here at Nordic Adventure weddings, we’re all about showing you Denmark’s hidden gems and one of them is most definitely the beautiful island of Lolland Falster - one of Danish wedding islands. It’s picturesque forests, serene lakes and remote beaches make it a fabulous location for an outdoor wedding abroad.

A view to the lake on Lolland island - a Danish island for your wedding

A fiew to the harbour on Danish island for weddings

In Western culture, roses have always been associated with love. Greek mythology talked of the rose being created by Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love, the story goes that the flower grew from the ground watered by her tears and by the blood of her ill-fated lover Adonis.

So, what better place to enjoy a romantic outdoor wedding than in a beautiful rose garden. And in Denmark we have some beautiful gardens. Our favourite rose garden in Denmark is at Corselitze Have, which is a stunning estate and manor house located on Lolland-Falster Island.

A Venue for Your Danish Wedding

A couple walking on the bridge in rose garden, a perfect  venue for your wedding in Denmark

The Corselitze Have estate sits in the forests. Rich in history the original plans for the garden were created in 1787 and with ongoing funding the gardens are as cared and tended for today just as lovingly as they have been over their 234-year history. Meaning these stunning gardens can continue to be enjoyed for future generations.

A view to the Corselitze mannor house, the place for your wedding in Denmark

The arch from roses in the garden on Lolland in Denmark where you can have your wedding ceremony if you get married in Denmark

All of our wedding locations are climate friendly. And knowing that your wedding day is contributing to these beautiful gardens being protected and maintained for future generations to enjoy is a wonderful statement to make on your wedding day.

Newlyweds have fun in Corselitze have, after they getting married in Denmark in rose garden

For our Romantic Location wedding package our couples are given exclusive of this dreamy destination wedding venue. We planned a rose garden wedding abroad for Katelyn & Joel as they chose Corselitze Have’s for their small and intimate wedding ceremony. And as you can see from the images presented here, they enjoyed a fun and relaxing wedding day making the very best of this beautiful outdoor wedding location.

Adventure Photography

Newlyweds captured by adventure photographer while they had their small wedding abroad in Denmark

Our adventure wedding photographers love capturing beautiful photographs of our couples as they explore these magical gardens. And they always get gorgeous images of them walking along the meandering paths, by the serene lake, and on the pretty bridge that cross it.

For the more horticulturally minded of you out there Chorselitze Have is a treasure trove of stunning and unusual flora and fauna, with an impressive collection of fruit trees.

Though original planned as a baroque style garden in a square shape its winding and meandering paths, sweeping lawns, calm lake, pretty bridges and romantic rose arches make it feel like a magical garden you would read about in classic children’s literature. This gives the gardens a wonderfully playful vibe that works so perfectly with an intimate and romantic wedding.

Adventure Wedding in Denmark

Newlyweds have fun during their adventure wedding in Denmark in the garden

There’s a saying that couples who play together, stay together. So, if you get to play on a swing, climb a tree, cartwheel on the lawn or dangle your toes in a lake on your wedding day, then you’re certainly off to a good start.

A groom and bride enjoy their adventure wedding in Denmark as they eloping abroad.

So, have lots of fun planning your outdoor wedding abroad. And if you think that Denmark could be the perfect place for your wedding adventure, then why not get in touch.

We’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

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