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True Love – Senior Wedding of Cami and Jens

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Senior bride and groom at their wedding in Denmark

True love has no limits and cannot be extinguished by age or time. Cami and Jens are proof of that! It was an honour to arrange their senior wedding in Denmark at Peter Hansen’s Have (Botanical Garden) on the Danish Island of Lolland. Take a look at amazing images of Cami and Jens' wedding adventure in Denmark!

Senior bride getting ready to the wedding in Denmark

Senior groom will get married in Denmark

This darling pair met and dated 39 years ago before life took them in different directions. However, they stayed in touch through the years via snail mail, long distance calls, and eMail. They met up whenever Cami visited Europe before the connection took a sudden stop in 2006. However, as fate would have it, Cami flew to Frankfurt in October 2019 for a 3-month R&R at the invitation of her once girlfriend from 43 years ago. She and Jens met up for a concert, both curious of how it would turn out after 13 years of radio silence. Much to their surprise, it was just like yesterday and they picked up right where they left off.

Senior groom on the knee is kissing his bride

With Cami now 68 years old and Jens now 70 (I know, they both look so much younger!), they decided to get married in Denmark on Jens’ 70th birthday!

Senior bride holds her smiling groom while they get married in denmark

These guys wanted a romantic elopement wedding somewhere colorful, so, with our wedding planning expertise, we recommended the Peter Hansen’s Have - a little botanical garden on the beautiful Danish Island of Lolland and one of Northern Europe’s largest privately owned plant collections. The owner of the gardens was inspired by the famous England gardens, and created an oasis of beautiful flowers, trees, lawns, fountains and lakes with wooden and stone bridges, and a traditional pavilion.

A romantic picture of senior newlyweds after their wedding in denmark on lolland island

Beautiful Danish Island Elopement Wedding

Cami looked radiant in her wedding dress and stunning smile. Her personality is so energetic and fun. She has the endearing mannerisms of a girl. Jens looked very classy in his dark suit and tie. His character is calm and wise, with a wonderful sense of humour. They really make the perfect sweet pair.

A couple dancing in the botanical garden perfect wedding venue in Denmark
A bride shows her ring coz couple elope in Denmark and got married here

The details of the elopement wedding in Denmark were carefully thought out by Cami and Jens. Cami wore a beautiful wrist garland of flowers to match her bouquet. And they

ordered matching rings, each with one half of a heart on it so that when they put them

together, they made a full heart. Their names are engraved in each others' rings and were kept in a gorgeous bespoke inscribed wooden ring box.

Wooden box for the wedding rings used on Danish wedding in 2021
Wedding rings in a romantic wooden box, on the stone

I loved the images our adventure photographer got of Cami and Jens by the garden’s pavilion. Cami and Jens looked fantastic, and I think the images really captured their playful nature and the tenderness with which they love one another. Love was truly in the air!

A senior groom holds his bride and enjoying time of their elopement abroad

Their wonderfully personal wedding ceremony included Cami and Jens’ favourite pieces of music and was live streamed to their friends and family in Germany, Spain, Norway, USA, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Senior couple streaming their wedding to the families coz they eloped abroad

A Romantic Elopement Wedding on a Danish Island

Family and friends cheered on and screamed their congratulations as the ceremony concluded and joined in the toasts of celebration with Cami and Jens enjoying champagne and wedding cake amongst the colourful backdrop of trees and flowers.

Aged couple toasting at their romantic wedding abroad in Denmark
Aged couple have fun eating their wedding cake at their Danish wedding

Unlike Jens, who was marrying for the first time, Cami was already married before and

widowed, too, and was adamant at first. But love is stronger and this time she said it would be her last wedding and we believe her. These two have so much fun we just can’t imagine they’ll ever want to part again. It sounds like destiny had it all figured out, bringing them

together after all other relationships and years in between and even across continents. Kismet is real after all!

Exchanging rings at the senior wedding in Denmark
Aged bride looking at her groom with a lot of love

Congratulations Cami and Jens for getting married and creating such a magical Danish elopement wedding for yourselves! It was a joy to help plan your amazing wedding adventure and to spend time with you both.

Newlyweds seniors toasting in the garden where they marry each other
Just married senior couple posing into camera.

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Cami D Scholz-Imhof
Cami D Scholz-Imhof
25 août 2021

Thank you, Lena and Carsten, for capturing who we are as individuals and for each other in the very captivating narration of our story. Thank you so much, too, for poetry in the pictures - our gratitude to Watham Scholz, and most of all, for going out of your way to make our Dream Wedding, our union, an epic!. What a wonderful beginning to our life as husband and wife, after 39 years. Forever grateful. Jens and Cami Imhof

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